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Minimise transit cargo losses

By using the Venturie Cargo System, a crude or product oil tanker can sail without any vapour losses due to tank overpressure, and gases are condensed back into the cargo.

Reduce vapour losses during loading

Meet environmental regulations as vapour release during loading is reduced by 20-50% through Venturie tank pressure control.

Achieve annual savings in the region of USD 1-2 million

Vapour losses on loading and in transit result in cargo losses of 13 – 22.000 barrels per voyage, or USD 1,3 – 2,2 million per year.

What you can save
  • An average crude oil tanker carries annually approximately 2,5 million tonnes. With this transported volume, the total cargo savings amount to 13 – 22.000 barrels, or 1,3 – 2,2 million USD per year (conservatively priced 100 USD/barrel).
Increase your profits
  • Your initial investment is recovered within approximately the first six months.
  • A ship owner with the Venturie Cargo System will gain enhanced prominence in the market by meeting the current demanding environmental standards.
  • Obtain investment value immediately, and avoid alternative large scale technology projects with an uncertain prospect of return.
Low Risk, Swift Deployment
  • The Venturie Cargo System can be installed safely during a normal berthing process. 
  • The Venturie Cargo System has proved to be a safe and efficient solution, both economically and environmentally.
  • Achieve swift returns on your investement by avoiding cargo loading transit losses.